Top Ten Responses To Why Should I hire You?

1)This happened with a friend during Flipkart interview at IIT Madras 2014.
So after various questions, the interviewer tries to close the interview with this-
interviewer: Why should we hire you?
Friend: Sir, you see this shirt? It’s size 41. I ordered it on Flipkart. I wear 39. Returned it twice, got the same shirt back. So either change your system, or take me to change it! Because clearly it’s not working. 
Got the job!
What a badass!

flipkart-package1 Top Ten Responses To Why Should I hire You? Top Ten Responses To Why Should I hire You? flipkart package1

Credits: Chirak

2) This was asked for an analytics position in a major bank at US. The question was “We believe that people who get poor grades in college will have higher tendency to perform poorly in the corporate set up too and therefore, we don’t hire people with poor grades.Given your poor grades, why should we hire you?”

I answered, “Your hypothesis is assumption based and not data driven. Even if your hypothesis is true, you need people like me who would serve as data points to test your hypothesis statistically.” 
Got hired.   

Credits: Gaurav

3) A friend of mine had an interview with one MNC two years before, and here’s what he said to the interviewer which he told me later and inspired me Lot:
After some technical questions and answers,

Interviewer: What makes you think that we should hire you ?

He: As you Know My Father is a Bank clerk (He was asked about this before) and I come from a middle class family, this job is more important to me than anything else now. But Despite that, you can see me answering All Your Questions without any stress in mind or without any fear of not getting this job. That is because I never thought that I won’t be able get this job, and even if I’m not selected today that is not going to effect me anyway, because I know my potential. So if you are not going to select me today, someone else definitely will.

Interviewer: So you are telling me that even if we select you and since your potential is high, as you said, if you get a job from another company offering a higher salary than us, you’ll fly over there, won’t you?

He (with a little smile): Well, money is the Most Evil thing in this world and it can make you do anything bad…So better you tie me with a Handsome Contract.

Interviewer (Laughing): Ohhh… you are setting us up. We were asking the Rate of Tomatoes to you and now you are trying to sell us the whole Refrigerator to store them.

He (confidently): Yeah… but look at the brighter side, that is what I can do for your company. I can get you Great Deals.

Interviewer: But This can be just bluffing. How can you be so sure that you are better than all those students standing outside? What distinguishes you from the others?

He (after taking little moment): Well, I have been answering you for the last 30 minutes with this confidence. If you find anyone from them who can answer you at my level, You can happily send me back without offering me a Job.

P.S. He was the only one who got hired by that company from his college.
Credits: Sagar-Prajapati

4) I had this friend in IIT Kharagpur, he was good at finance and quant, though his cgpa was not that great. Because of his cgpa he wasn’t eligible to appear for this investment firm offering a high paying position during company placements, but after hours of convincing the recruitment team allowed him to appear for written test and then next day there was a streak of interviews. And this is what he said in his final interview with the SDP director of the company:

You should select me because you’ve spent thousands on your flight tickets, then cab, food etc. and more than that your recruitment team of 6 have spent two days on this trip, after all this effort you’ll be in a mental pressure to recruit at least one person. And here out of all these folks I’m the best because I’ve analyzed what you are going to do and an analyst is what you are looking for” And this is what followed – Only one person got placed, and it was him 🙂
Credits: Akshay-Kumar


5) It is my brother. When he was in college(ISM, Dhanbad) days, TATA Motors came to their college.

In the interview,
Interviewer – Why should we select you, you may further decline our offer? (As many students usually decline job offers because of their plans for further studies.)

My brother  – “Sir, मैंने आपका नमक खाया है। “(I have eaten your salt.)

 How can I let you down.
And obviously got the offer.
PS – We use TATA Salt at our home.

Tata Salt Top Ten Responses To Why Should I hire You? Top Ten Responses To Why Should I hire You? Tata Iodized Salt 2657177231428522516Credits: Hemant Kumar Mangal

6) I was a non-CS early six pointer at BITS. I managed to convince the HR and the placement team to allow me to sit for the written test for a developer role at a financial company based on my resume. I cleared the written test and multiple technical rounds. I was in the top 4. In the final HR round I was asked this question – “Your grades are very low, why should we hire you?”

I replied – “You should hire me because I managed to secure a place in the top 4 leaving everyone with a CG above me behind and that too without a formal degree in CS. Among the four of us, I am the only one who has learnt everything from my own. I’ll definitely save you some training cost.”
Credits: anonymous


7) Interviewer : So, Mr. X, tell me the number of trees in your campus? 
Friend: Do you want the exact number? 
I : What? 
Friend: If you want I can tell you the types as well? Would you like that? You see I am part of an organisation called Prakriti which keeps track of all these things. You see those markings on the trees? We did that. 
I (poker faced) : Well in that case let’s move forward. 

poker-face-gif Top Ten Responses To Why Should I hire You? Top Ten Responses To Why Should I hire You? poker face gifMy friend had absolutely no clue how to solve that problem. It was a complete bluff! He had never been part of Prakriti nor had ever been part of the team counting these trees. 
Confidence baby 😉
Credits: Chitrak-Gangrade

8) 3rd company to visit the campus, My CG 6.3 😀
I enter interview room. This is the conversation :

Interviewer : 10th percentage?
Me : Sir, 93

Interviewer : 12th percentage?
Me : Sir, 93

Interviewer : CG??
Me : Sir, 6.3

Interviewer : Why, what happened?
Me : Till 12th, the only thing I did was to study. So decided not to do that in Engineering. Moreover, there are other skills which are important to succeed in life. In these 3 years, I have transformed from an introvert to an extrovert.
Interviewer : Gave me some gyaan as to why CG is important.

Interviewer : [Technical Question]
Me : Answered. Had read it for the first time that day morning from GATE Mechanical book 😀

Interviewer : Ok Akash, so now that you are in final year and you know its important to maintain a certain level of CG for getting a job, will you be able to study hard and increase your CG to 7 by the end of final year?

Me : Its, mathematically impossible Sir 😀 😀

Credits: Akash-Gupta

9) This happened in IITG last year. 
Scenario : One of my friend cleared four rounds of a company X and only HR round is remaining.
HR asked various questions for 30mins and is still confused whether to recruit him or not. Then came the decider

HR: What are you good at?
Friend: I am very good at telling lies and that’s what I have been doing from half an hour.

And Yes, he is recruited

Credits: Dileep

10) This happened during an internship interview with Microsoft. It was my first interview experience. I was not aware that there were behavioral questions too in interviews. So I wasn’t expecting such a question.
Interviewer: Why should we take you?
Me: (Slightly shocked) I thought it’s your  job to decide.
Interview panel: {Poker Faced} lets continue with the technical questions.
Credits: Saurabh-Singh









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