Top 10 Embarrasing moments

1. Okay, so I did this. So a cousin of mine had gotten married and after 4-5 months they both went on a holiday and she started putting up pictures of herself and her hubby on Facebook. She had put on a lot of weight by this time.
So once she uploaded this picture of them holidaying where she wore a loose l-love-Singapore tee with an animated colorful Merlion on the stomach. There was nothing wrong with the picture, except that her husband was pointing at the Merlion and they were both extremely happy. Now, I being the stupid, quickly-jumping-to-conclusions idiot, commented on the picture that went like this-“Omg you guys! Congratulations! I can`t wait to be an Aunt. When`s the due date?” and forgot about it. The comment got so many likes within no time and everybody else also started posting similar congratulatory stuff on her and her husband`s wall.
Her husband called me up the next day, from her phone and told me that I shouldn’t have posted that comment, she wouldn’t stop crying and that now she was inconsolable because she felt she had put on so much weight that everybody believed she was pregnant whereas SHE WAS NOT. Moreover, everybody kept calling, texting them to congratulate and talk to them and that their holiday was almost ruined. She even refused to leave the hotel room because she was feeling so self-conscious now. That was the most embarrassing moment of my life.
Later, she(both of them actually) had to post a public message on their walls clarifying that she wasn’t expecting or anything contrary to popular belief. Up to this day I can`t look her in the eyes without feeling embarrassed.


2. Mr.autocorrect once created a big mess for me.
My internals were going on and I texted a girl of my batch to ask some questions .

I texted her ” Yaar bta dio mjhe …I need it ” (trans: Do tell me, I need it)Now this text was in relation to some previous messages .

But instantly autocorrect changed something which was so minor that I didn’t even get a chance to see it

She received the message ” Yaar bra dio mjhe ….I need it ” (trans: Give me a bra, I need it.)
I had to apologise twice .Though she was cool enough to understand that it was a technical error but I got scared for a moment.


3. I did it! I was talking on Whatsapp to a friend who was upset and shedding some tears and I typed…

2016-01-10_13-23-59 Top 10 Embarrasing moments Top 10 Embarrasing moments 2016 01 10 13 23 59
Take care…sometimes the heart is lighter after the teats flow…

What was I even thinking!!

Not doubting the Freudian slip here…which heart wouldn’t be lighter after the tea*s flow!!

Damn autocorrect :/


4. It happened during my school annual day when I was in 7th class. There was a patriotic song program depicting the different cultures and traditions of India. Plan was that a group will be singing the song and 10 boys, each one dressed in traditional costume of a State (in India, we have 29 different states with different cultures and traditions), will enter one by one, carrying our national flag, walk around the song group and exit.

Me, being a South Indian, was given costume of Tamil Nadu. So I was supposed to wear Shirt and Lungi (loincloth worn by men in India). But since I had resided in North India since my childhood, I didn’t knew how to wear Lungi. But my parents knew. So I accepted.

Then came the fateful day. I reached school early for rehearsals. My parents were to come after a few hours and help me wearing the Lungi. But they were unable to come as my dad got some urgent work in his office. I was terrified, but there was no backing off as it would disturb song timing. Afraid to discuss with my teachers, I somehow worked on it and wore the Lungi.

Song started. I was 7th person to go. I entered when it was planned. And yes, as expected, when I was on center, my Lungi unfolded and came off(luckily I was wearing shorts inside.) Everyone started laughing. I was shocked. In an attempt to pull up my Lungi, I left the flag I was carrying. It fell on the mike which tripped and fell, hitting a girl (from song group) on head. She cried out loud and the song was disturbed and stopped. Everyone below had a great laugh. I pulled up my Lungi and ran off the stage embarrassed and without completion of program, Curtains were drawn.

That was perhaps the most embarrassing moment I ever had. I didn’t attend school for next 4 days, after which we had summer vacation of 50 days. Even after that I was center of attraction (comedy piece) when I attended school after the break. Also received good scolding from my teachers.

Now even after 10 years, I still feel embarrassed when this incident comes in my mind.


5. This was happened to me yesterday itself.

I was about to forward a funny photo of a naked man, having a funny message written in the photo, to my friends’ WhatsApp group. I selected the photo and forwarded it to the first group in the list(as it was first when I checked seconds ago!)

I sent that photo, and then I came to know that I had sent it to my office’s group(group of 70 people, including girls/ladies in it), as at the same time, a discussion was going on in it about arranging a party, and someone had just sent a message in that group!

I immediately sent two message of the apologies, and within some seconds, I got a message from my friends, about it.

Without wasting a second, they started posting a lot of messages in the group to provide a backup to my blunder! They posted around 200-300 messages, and meanwhile no one even started that discussion again! A pin drop silence in the group, except those friends who were trying to save me! 😀

I still feel embarrassing about it, and imagining my condition tomorrow in my office! I know everyone are liberal here and understand that it was by mistake and letting it go, but still I don’t know how I will face my colleagues.

Most embarrassing moment of my life! For the first time in my life I feel there must be an Undo Send feature in WhatsApp >_< 6. Disclaimer : Adult Content. Maybe Offensive (Although, not intended) So, I’d like to share a incident here. We ( My Parents & my Little sister ) were watching a movie named “Gangajal”. It was a hit film in its days of release.”M@d@4c#0d” hindi word for “Motherf**ker”. They kept swearing for a couple of times. Here comes the funny part, My Sister ( she was around 6 or 7 back then ) suddenly asked, “What a strange name “M@d@rc#0d” (yes , she said it whole without stuttering), how can many people can keep the same name Dad ? ” My Dad was bewildered and changed the topic (presence of mind) & the channel as well. I couldn’t laugh at her question, so I just turned around and kept staring at the screen & was like >_< lol-rofl-lmao-roflmao.
My face turned red and was quite embarressed while my parents were trying to catch a glimpse of my face, just so they could know my reaction.
I managed to make up a confused looking face and the storm passed. Phew!

I didn’t intend to use the words, If the answer is flagged for indecent content I’ll happily remove it. (Else they will) ;p

Update : One more incident I’d like to share.

I was in 1st Grade when this thing happened…
So here goes,

All guys have that one Class Teacher as their 1st Crush, mine was the one then.

I was walking down the hall to the washroom, when I saw her coming for the opposite end. I wished her “Good Morning Ma’am !!”, in my sweet little bubbly voice. Also I had big, red cheeks ( thanks to my Mom & her diet plans for me 🙂 ). So she wished me back in her chirping voice ( Man ! She could’ve been the world’s best singer, not to brag ), & pulled my cheeks and my nose.
I turned red instantly, and was on cloud 9.

Then, I went to the washroom, still thinking about her.
I was so much lost in her thoughts, that I went to the toilet, stood in front of the commode and started peeing. Then I realized something warm in my pants. Bam ! I forgot to open my Chain.

And the worse part, my buddy came searching for me to tell me that he just crossed our class teacher and she was wearing a Purple dress ( Purple was his favourite )

He saw me in that condition, laughed for a few seconds and then came back with his Gym shorts. ( We had to carry them seperately for Gym Class ).
I told him the whole story while changing my pants.
He also promised me that he’d never share that incident with anyone else.

Story continues,

Our teacher asked me in front of the whole class about why did I change my pants, since it wasn’t gym class. I was very much embarrassed.

My friend comes into rescue (so called rescue) me again.
He went to her, told her the whole story. She understood and came to me and kissed me and said “You should’ve told me directly, don’t worry your secret is safe with me”.
Embarrassment Level : Above 9999 !
HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE. Totally worth it !!!!!
My mother was working in a private school as a temporary dance teacher. After 5 years, they made her permanent.

Out of her happiness, she immediately called me and my brother to inform the same. I was able to attend her call and congratulated her. But, my brother was unable to answer her call as he was busy with something else. So, my mother told me to get this news to him as fast as I can. I tried him but he didnt pick up. So, I texted him :
“Da, Amma got permanent”.
(Amma means mother in Malayalam)

This is what he recieved :” Da, Amma got pregnant”.

And guess what, when he came back and took his phone, he saw 5 missed calls from Mother, 3 from Me and this message. He was like WTH. He immediately called my mother and asked if what I said was true. She thought that I had told him about the news and she in her happy tone replied “Yes. Its true”. My brother was now shocked further as he thought I was just joking. And adding to the above, my mother told him “I have been working hard for 5 years for this and now God has granted me my wish.” He was now shocked to hell and was like “Mother, Are you serious ?”. Now, my mother understood that something was wrong somewhere and she asked him What did your brother tell you. On hearing about my message, she laughed like anything. On getting it, my brother also laughed a lot.

Now, each time I call my brother, he will tell me “Dont text brother. I cant laugh anymore”. Screw you autocorrect.

PS: This happened about one month back, and I was 21 and my brother was 18 at that time.


I want to add one more incident here. This happened when I was in college. I used to quarrel with my sister over some silly things. I loved doing that and she at first will fight but later on will cool down and will give up.

Once we quarreled and in order to solve the same, my sister texted me:
“Anandhutta, u r very important. Sorry da”.
(Anandhutta is my pet name she and my friends used to call me).

And this is what I got “Anandhutta, u r very impotent. Sorry da”.

And you can guess what happened afterwards na.


7. Once I was trying to copy in an exam from my class notes in my 10th grade:

Things that I wasn’t aware of while trying to copy:
I didn’t know that I am real poor at copying.
I dint know that the theorem that I was searching for is not in the notes that I am searching in.
I dint know that my brother is my Maths teacher’s FAVORITE student.
I dint know that my Maths teacher was standing right behind me and watching me from past 10 mins.

The moment I realized the last point, my foot become full wet with sweat because of fear, I silently stood up and was looking down.

He just put his hands over my shoulders and took me to my class with full of students and made me to stand near the black board facing my classmates.

And the real embarrassing part is here:
He started scolding the entire class of students [importantly toppers] by pointing at me –

One should learn from Kiran, how to crack exams in a smarter way, why you guys are spending all your time working hard to prepare for the exams. Now I think I should stop teaching and I can directly give you notes, whats that point.
Everybody should now clap for Kiran for his new smarter way of giving exams.

#All Started Clapping, including my teacher.
Enough Said, still feel embarrassed when I remember that awful day, but memorable.


8. I had an exam the next day and I was talking to a female friend about it. The conversation went something like this –

Female Friend : MOSFET er V-I characteristics ta porechis? (Did you study the V-I characteristics of a MOSFET ? )

Me: Na, aaj ratre porno. (I meant to say porbo – the sentence would then translate ‘No, I’ll study it tonight.’)

*Awkward Silence*


9. I think that I possibly attract ‘awkward’ – many of my situations are work related. All of them fill me with horror:

A patient came into the department after a road accident with terrible injuries.

Terrible, but survivable.

I was told that his wife was on her way, and shortly afterwards that she was in our relative room.

As I walked out of the resuscitation area moments later, I found a young woman crying and asking about him, she told me she was his partner and I took her to see him, so that she could be reassured.

She was standing holding his hand and stroking his hair as a colleague brought his wife through the door.

The first woman was a colleague with whom he was having an affair.


Two very elderly ladies had arrived in the department within moments of one another. Sadly, one of them died.

I was asked to intervene after a colleague had taken the daughter of the patient who was still alive to spend time with the body of the deceased.


I couldn’t understand why the middle-aged male patient didn’t want me to remove his shoe, until his false leg came off with it.


A patient with a potential spinal injury was being treated very, very carefully because he was displaying a classical sign of spinal cord injury – a priapism (erect penis) We were desperately worried, until we found a very large, artificial ‘member’ which he put down his trousers to impress women in a club.


I sat and painstakingly explained how pressure builds in the brain after an injury by using the analogy of a walnut in a shell. One of the family members looked at me quizzically – he was a neurosurgeon.


Out cycling, my undergarments had become uncomfortable. I was on a deserted canal path so I hoiked down my Lycra leggings and rearranged – as a canal boat swept, majestically, around the corner.

Very embarrassing.

Addition: (because I remembered this)

Telephone conversation between myself and ‘John’ the boyfriend of 9 months of an Australian girl who had arrived in the department:

“Hi John, I’ve been asked to ring you by Kerry, she’s come to our department and she wonders if you’d be able to come down to the hospital”

“Oh, right, well I’m at work at the moment, is it her appendix”

“She’ll be able to let you know what the problem is when you get here, but she says can you come now?”

“Is she in the Emergency Department?”

“Err, no, she’s in the Labour Suite!”

Phone goes dead.


Me to 84 year old female patient,”Is that your grandson with you?” (Referring to a boy of approximately 20 years of age, “No, it’s my husband”



10. I walked in on my best friend’s parents having sex. Well, almost having sex. They were getting ready to have sex. It was so awkward.

It was the night of my prom, and I was spending the night at my friend’s house. I came home hours earlier than my curfew because my date tried to become “more than friends” with me, but, that’s not even as awkward a situation as what happened.

I knocked on her parents’ closed, bedroom door to let them know I was home, and could have sworn my friend’s dad said, “Come in!” So I came in. He actually said, “Don’t come in!” That one word can make all the difference.

All I remember is the mom saying, “Nonononono,” pillows flying everywhere and seeing why. I actually didn’t even understand WHAT they were doing at the time. I had to look it up in a book. It was a “number” thing.

I ran to my friend’s room and got into bed really, really quickly. Her mom came in to check on me and we both pretended it never happened. For 20+ years.

I think about it any time I see them and I’ve still never told my friend what happened. I never will. So awkward.



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