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Ten Astonishing Business Figures of the IPL that You Can’t Believe

Are you a Cricket lover? Then you must be enjoying the latest edition of the IPL.

For the past decade, this domestic Cricket league has been entertaining millions of devotees like you and me. But, you know how much money flows in these 45 days?

The massive sixers and cheerleaders are just one side of the coin. Indian Premier League is built with some eye-popping business figures. The business model of the IPL is so enticing.

Want to know how much your favourite cricket stars are earning?

For the enthusiasts, we have gathered some striking business figures of the most celebrated Cricket league. Read and share.

1. $4.16 Billion (approx. INR 27,643 crores)

The brand value of the IPL. It is the most precious domestic cricket league in the world. Though ICL was launched before IPL, it wasn’t a success because of the poor marketing strategies. The mastermind of the IPL, Lalit Modi, has studied all the popular leagues like NBA and their business models.

Though the idea was rejected earlier, Lalit Modi made it his way. Major corporates, Bollywood celebrities and clever marketing strategies – all made it a commercial success. In 2015, the brand value of the IPL was estimated as $3.54 billion.

2. $2.67 Million

The value of the most expensive player ever in the history of IPL till date. Yuvraj Singh was sold for this whopping amount by Delhi DareDevils in the IPL 8, 2015. In Indian Rupees, it was around INR 16 crores. Still, this Sixers Singh is the most expensive player. In the latest edition, Ben Strokes has emerged as the costliest player as Rising Pune SuperGiants bought him for around INR 14.5 crores.

3. $723 million (approx. INR 4650 cr.)

The amount all the eight franchises committed to launching the league. This figure is enough to substantiate the commercial model of the IPL. Though they invested, the franchises were not confident enough about the success. But inviting all the stars players across the globe, celebrity sparkles, glamour touch with the cheerleaders, the shortest time of the game and many features of the tourney attracted millions of cricket fans.

Thus the league has become a recession-proof business in Indian Cricket. But still, there are some franchises that are in losses.

4. INR 100 Cr.

The amount BCCI insured on each incident. Yes, BCCI and the state associations will take the responsibility of public liability and they insured each incident during a match for the massive amount. So fans, you need not worry even if anything unwanted happens.

5. INR 1300 Cr.

The ad revenue that Sony is going to earn from the season. Thanks to the craze this league has, Sony Pictures Network gets three and a half hours of quality entertainment content to broadcast every day. It is calculated that around 130 million people watch the game every day. Given this huge viewer base, Sony is going to raise the ad cost. In 2016, the TV network has earned INR 1100 Cr.

6. INR 220 Cr.

The ad revenue HotStar is going to earn from this season. Owing to the increased mobile users, unlimited data offers by Jio and other networks, HotStar reports a great number of users. And the mobile video platform charges around 3000 rupees per thousand impressions.

7. INR 60 L

The rent paid for a state association for an evening’s hosting. BCCI has to pay the rent to the state cricket association for renting out the stadiums and providing hospitality and other facilities.

8. INR 10 K

A cheerleader gets for a match. IPL started the trend of tad a glamour touch to an exciting game. We all love to watch the beautiful girls encouraging our favorite stars while playing. And this encouragement doesn’t come for peanuts. The teams play ten thousand rupees for each cheerleader for a match besides the hospitality throughout the season.

9. INR 40 Cr.

The total prize money for this edition. The series winner is going to get 15 cr. rupees while the runner up team will get 10 crore rupees.  And there are many other prizes for each match like Man of the Match, VIVO perfect catch of the match, YES banks Maximum Sixes, FBB stylish player of the day etc. and season awards. Most of these awards give one lakh rupees to the winner besides a memento.

10. INR 80 L

The average take home of each player for a match. The pay depends on the grade of the player. The captain of RCB, Virat Kohli is the highest taker. The Bangalore franchisee pays around INR 93 lakhs per match. Besides the match fee, the franchisees also pay around $100 of daily allowance per player.

These figures are mind boggling, aren’t they? This is the reason why every player wants to get a chance in the IPL. Besides, IPL is a great chance to prove themselves and be in the radar of the selectors.



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