Boys will be boys

1. One of my friends during school was head over heels in love with a girl. After pursuing her unsuccessfully for about 6 months, he decided to write her a letter. Starting with “My dearest Mansi”, he went on to write 3 full pages, both sides of an A4 sheet. He poured the entire contents of his heart out on the paper.

His mother meanwhile entered the room and saw what was happening. Out of concern for her son, she

asked him, “Are you sure this is the girl you want spend your whole life with?”

He thought for a while, struck off the very first line of the letter and wrote, “My dearest Neha!”

Boys will be boys!

2. It was raining heavily and without the lights and cops, a pretty bad traffic congestion formed around

the T-junction in no time. Vehicles in all three long queues were honking and people were desperate to

cross the unexpected block.

There was this guy, appeared suddenly from nowhere, started regulating the traffic. He wasn’t wearing

rain jacket. Everyone in the vehicles were silently admiring the young man for selflessly helping

everyone. We were watching the whole scene from inside my car and my mom was praising him like


Soon, we noticed that he is allowing vehicles from only one side to flow through. The other two sides

were stopped forever to allow that ‘one side’ to move smoothly. People in other two queues were losing

patience but kept quiet pardoning his inexperience in handling the situation.

At almost end of that queue, there came a car with three other guys, and our hero got into it and drove



3. My friend, let’s call him Aksh, is a compulsive gamer, and spends most of his days either playing Counter Strike with his friends; or on his computer, programming away. Yes, he happens to be a computer science student, and a total nerd.

The result? No one had ever seen him in class for an entire semester, and he got away with it too, thanks to the “proxy” system. (He had a lot of friends, who would answer the roll-call for him, so that his attendance never fell below the 75% mark.)

One fine day in the 5th semester, Aksh suddenly entered the classroom, that too, to attend an economics lecture! Needless to say, everyone was shocked, and a lot of queries and exclamations followed!

All of us : My God, how on earth did you manage to leave your computer and come to class today?

Aksh (winking) : I have heard that the Madam who takes this class is real hot!

All of us : *Facepalm*

Boys will be boys! 😀

4. My brother is 11 years old. It is near impossible to get him on phone to talk to you. So, one day I was

talking to my mom and she said that my brother wanted to talk to me as he had been missing me very

much lately. I was all happy and everything.

My brother – ” Hello Didi, how are you? Okay, wait for a second.”

Goes into another room and then says ” I have lost my bicycle. Tell mummy, papa that and also explain

that it wasn’t my fault. Byee.”

Before I could say anything, he handed over the phone to mummy.

5. This just happened yesterday.. A perfect example of the same..

I live in mumbai away from my parents . They had their wedding anniversary two days back. Somehow I

forgot it due to office work. I usually talk to my parents everyday but that very day I was caught up with

so much work that forget wishing them, I didn’t even call.

Next day I called my mom and she started blasting me that I never wished her. I felt so bad and

apologetic and was literally cursing myself.

Then I talked to my dad and started apologizing straight dad then told me ” forget it beta, even

I got blasted last evening for not remembering the same”

It instantly made all of us laugh and I had stomach pains laughing.

6. My Nani lives in Kerala and after many years my family was going there to visit her.

We boarded our Jet Airways flight and every passenger had just about settled down. Our plane took off

and everybody got busy doing something or the other as they had a long flight ahead. Since it was the

holiday season my father wasn’t able to get four seats together. So, my mother, father, brother and I

had to sit on separate seats which were almost on four different corners of the plane.

Now, came my favorite part of the flight. The air hostess giving out the security exits instructions. She

was really beautiful and since I was sitting on the front seat I got a closer view of her. I popped my head

out and was basking in her beauty.

I looked behind, and the only two people who also had their heads popped out to look at her were my

father and brother.

For a very brief moment our eyes met. The three of us experienced pure embarrassment and after a few

jitters, we again started looking at the air hostess giving out the instructions.


7. A man stood outside his house after a bitter divorce and noticed a crate of beer bottles.

He took out an empty bottle and smashed it onto the wall swearing “You are the reason I don’t have a


He smashed the second bottle, ” You are the reason I don’t have children”

He smashed the third bottle, “You are the reason I don’t have a job”.

When he took the fourth bottle, he realized that the bottle was still SEALED and filled with beer. He said

to the bottle,


Boys will be Boys 🙂 Cheers

8. This happened two days ago… I guess this incidence will explain boys better…

My friend was ditched by yet another girl… We four of us were having a Google hangout to console him,

as he was endlessly whining about every single special moment of theirs. His intensity and pitch of

crying was increasing proportionally. This girl was with him for more than 2 years.

We were saying all possible things to cheer him up… Frankly we three of us were bored… We were even

chatting on whatsapp about killing him and cleaning all his whereabouts…

All of a sudden one my friend said, “Abe te baravitli Gauri bhetli hoti parva mala. Tujhya baddal vicharat

hoti. Mhanat hoti ki ekda tyachyashi bolaycha ahe.” (Marathi; Translation – Dude, do you remember

Gauri? That chick from college? I met her the other day and she was asking for you. It seems that she

wants to talk to you once.)

Now this guy, like a small kid, wiping his eyes asked, “Khara ka be?” (Dude, really?)

Three of us couldn’t hold it and we burst out in laughter… After few seconds he joined us too… and

while disconnecting the chat, there was a smile on his face… and content in our hearts that this idiot will

be over it soon.


9. Boys will always be Boys –

Once a group of Boys decided to go for Tirth Yatra. Their guide explained to them that they might see

some ladies taking bath and they should not get distracted at all. When they see anything like that, they

should just say HARI OM and move on. Next day they started the yatra and one of the Boys in the group

said HARI OM and rest of them said KIDHAR HAI, KIDHAR HAI! (Where is she , Where is she )

Source ~ Unknown

One more.

Before going to the war the king locked his wife in the room n gave the keys to his best friend saying if

he fails to return back within 4 days then he(his friend) can open the lock and his wife will be his


The king started his journey on the horse..after around half an hour there was a faint sound coming

from far off gradually getting clearer..the king stopped for a while and looked back to find his friend

coming towards him with great speed on the horse ..”what happened?” The king asked..








Taking in a deep breath the friend said “its the wrong key”

Boys Will Be Boys.

10. There is one story from the Mahabharata.

Duryodhan’s wife Banumathi and Karna were once playing dice and Banumathi was losing terribly. They

sat in a position where Karna’s back was towards the room’s entrance. So when they were playing,

Duryodhan entered the room. Seeing him Banumathi got up, but Karna who didnt see him enter thought

that she was trying to quit the game in the middle as she was losing and he grabbed her waist-belt. The

pearls that were studded in it fell all over the ground. Banumathi was stunned. She didn’t know how her

husband would react to this. Karna seeing Banumathi’s shock turned back to find Duryodhan and was

shocked too. He thought of how he is going to react to find him playing and fooling around with his best

friend’s wife. He looked down in shame.

But Duryodhan calmly walked up to where the pearls lay scattered and said ,”Is it enough if I pick them

or should I string them together too?”

This is what friendship among boys is all about. They completely trust each other without a hint of

doubt. Imagine if Banumathi had caught Duryodhan doing something similar. Half of the Mahabharat

would have been based on Duryodhan trying to convince her that he wasn’t doing something wrong.

That legacy of brotherhood continues till date because boys will be boys.



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