Ten Best Ways to Propose a Girl

Who doesn’t want their fist proposal to be a lifetime memory?

A perfect proposal makes your life more beautiful. Then how are you planning to proposal your girl?

Here we are, with the ten amazing ways to propose your lady that she can’t tell you NO.

  1. Take Her to a Candle Light Dinner:

The candle flames and a melodious music set a perfect place for you to propose your dream girl. A candle light dinner is really a classic way of expressing your love.

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  1. Take Her to the Place where You Met for the First Time:

Not all the girls you meet for the fist time would leave an impression on you. Obviously, this is the girl who makes you feel like reborn.  So, take her to the place you first met her. Remember her that day and make one more memorable day by inviting her into your life.

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  1. Make a Special Day more Special:

Proposing on special days would be more special. Like any Valentine, you can propose on a valentine’s day. To make some difference, think of a special day for you both like an anniversary of your friendship, her birthday, or on a regional festival.

fellinlove  Ten Best Ways to Propose a Girl fellinlove

  1. Make it During a Movie Break

Edit a lovely romantic movie and show it to her. And at the interval, the special words appear. This could be really a funny and romantic way of proposing a girl.

  1. T-shirt Proposal:

Get a t-shirt with the text “Do You Love Me?” or “will you marry me?”. Wear a jacket over it. Plan a special day and take her to a special place be it a park or a restaurant. There, show her your special tee. Enjoy the surprise on her face.

loveproposal  Ten Best Ways to Propose a Girl loveproposal

  1. Make a Picnic

If you want to try something new, this simple yet romantic idea is for you. Select a beautiful hill station and plan a picnic with your dream girl. That green valley scenery makes a romantic day for you and gives you a perfect time to express your love.

picnic  Ten Best Ways to Propose a Girl picnic

  1. Audio Proposal

Usually, girls love brave boys. But how could show your bravery? Dude, it’s not a cinema to fight with a hundred rowdies. Of course, they don’t want that too.

Just show your guts in proposing her. If your girl has the habit of listening to radio, it’s a good idea to express your love. Get ready with some magical words, she can’t reject your love, I bet on it.

  1. Surprising By Hiding In A Box

Are Friends there for you to help? Then try this one. Hide yourself in a gift box holding a ring. Wait for the moment to get unwrapped and while she is enjoying the surprise, propose her in a romantic way.

surprising-by-hiding-in-a-box  Ten Best Ways to Propose a Girl Surprising By Hiding In A Box

  1. Banner Proposal

Well, this is pretty much interesting. You can tell your love through a banner that have the words “I Love You.” You can arrange the banner outside of her home or hostel.

But there is a point that you can’t miss. Please be sure that she won’t say you a NO. If you are sure that she would accept your love, this is the best way, I would say. With this, you can give her a surprise that she can never forget.

  1. Be Yourself:

Apart from all the above ways, you should definitely follow this. Because it’s you who love the girl and want to share your life. So there is no point in pretending like someone else. Be yourself and be honest in love. Even she doesn’t love you, she will definitely give you a thought because of your sincerity.

Your proposal should be attractive. But it doesn’t mean to fetch the lines from some references and present to her. Follow your heart and express it in a simple way.

All the best guys!



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